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This site is more than a happy Groundhog Day story or a weather site. It is the story of a family of groundhogs who learn that each member of the family is special and has something to contribute, regardless of size, strength, or age.

Each member of Phil's family was named after something to do with the weather. On their own special pages they will tell you something about their names, play fun and educational games with you and teach you about   weather.

Dr. Spencer has written and produced many fun and educational items for you to enjoy. Use our on-line order form to purchase any of her books, tapes, videos or puppets and plush toys.

There are also links to other educational site on the web for you to explore and learn more about groundhogs and the weather.

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This is my family's home. It is located on the Beiler family farm in the valley of Gobbler's Knob. Gobbler's Knob is the site of the tallest mountain in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.
Each room is your passport to visit and meet someone in my family, play a game, and learn more about groundhogs and the weather.

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Just click on a room, there's fun and educational stuff all over the place.
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Come on in and find out more about my family, our friends and learn some interesting
facts about the weather and my prediction records from years gone by.............

All Contents Copyrightę Dr. Julia Spencer, Ph.D.1987-2012
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