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Here comes my son Typhoon.
He is a whistle-pig who whistles like the wind when he feels a little stormy.

Typhoon is an amateur photographer, in his spare time he collects typhoon related pictures.............
Here are a few of his favorites!

(click on a thumbnail image for a larger hi-res picture)

Eye of Linda.jpg (6888 bytes) Radar View of Linda.jpg (39707 bytes) Typhoon Bart.jpg (14979 bytes) Eye of Typhoon Bart.jpg (19605 bytes)
Eye of typhoon "Linda" Radar view of "Linda" Satellite view of "Bart" Eye of typhoon "Bart"
Typhoon Joan.jpg (29996 bytes) Clouds around Joan.jpg (13514 bytes)
Typhoon "Joan" Clouds around "Joan"

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