Frosty and Crystal.gif (20688 bytes) Here's the twins, Frosty and Crystal. They are snow white groundhogs and can be a little   icy or unfriendly.

These rather cool characters make it a little cold inside Phil's underground home. They are not always unfriendly, but they are very active in learning about their favorite subject, WINTER! When they were first born it was snowing outside and from the start they have enjoyed playing in the white stuff. For youngsters they know a lot about the weather and here are a few of their favorite facts.....

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Out of the trillions of snowflakes that fall around the world each year,
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No two are alike!

Play Tic-Tac-Toe with Frosty and Crystal,
but look out they will gang up on you in the Dr. Groundhog Version!

frost - ('frˇst) - a covering of minute ice crystals formed on a cold surface from atmospheric vapor.

crystal - ('kris-tl) - a body that is formed by solidification of a substance and has a regular repeating arrangement of atoms and often of external plane faces. (just like SNOW)

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