sunny and halo.gif (14561 bytes) These are my daughters Sunny and Halo. Sunny is friendly and bright. Halo is a golden gal who never gets into trouble.

Sunny is named after the SUN and for her warm and bright personality.

Halo's name is taken from the ring that surrounds the sun.

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The Sun is a variable star, meaning that its activity varies over time. The changing degree of activity is due to two factors: its rotation and its convection processes, which transport hot gas from the solar interior to the surface. The interaction of these two motions-rotation and convection-generates powerful magnetic fields and influences the cyclic activity level demonstrated by the ebb and flow of sunspots and solar flares.

Additionally, activity in the Sun's corona-the white "halo" of gas seen during total eclipses-causes ejection at very high velocities of a hot electrified gas called the solar wind, which courses throughout the solar system transporting energy to Earth and all the other planets. Its interaction with Earth's magnetic fields causes a whole range of effects, such as the aurora magnetic storms, disruption of radio communications, and power surges
in transmission lines.

20.jpeg (8590 bytes) Ulysses became the first spacecraft to explore the Sun from polar orbit.


sun - ('sęn) - the shining celestial body around which the earth and other planets revolve and from which they receive light and heat.

halo - ('hä-lõ) - a circle of ice that surrounds the sun or moon. When the light shines through the ice, you can see a halo, a warning sign that snow or rain is coming.

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